Somewhere deep inside of me I always knew I wanted to be an actor. At a young age
I started painting and writing,  but acting was always something on the horizon. I finally
made the leap when I started directing movies and writing screenplays in high school.
I eventually started acting in these projects and that was it. I found my destiny.
 The next year I auditioned for the high school drama and I got the lead. It was
training by fire, but I was hooked. Through the guidance of John Arthur Long and Ted
Kastrinos I found out all of the hard work and technique that makes a great
performance. I am very lucky to have had such tremendous support behind me.  John
Arthur Long is a professional novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Ted Kastrinos ran
the very successful Take-One Theatre in Farmingdale, of which I was a very proud
member.  Ted influenced many young artists over the years including Rosie O'Donnell
Craig Schulman.  These men taught me that "acting takes more discipline than
almost any other job."  I can't wait to see the showcase of their show
Dragula in New
York in the upcoming months.
 After high school, I went to
Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island. At Hofstra I
received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Performance and graduated Cum
Laude. The B.F.A at Hofstra is a very intense program focusing on many different
methods of acting. While at Hofstra I was also able to attend two classes at the School
for Film and Television in New York City. Rawleigh Moreland and Richard Southern
taught classes that focused on taking the skills we had learned as theatre students
and translating them into film work.
 During my four years at Hofstra, teachers like Royston Coppenger and Peter Sander
opened my eyes to worlds of acting I never had known existed. I was lucky to be a part
of many great productions.  Working on plays ranging from Shakespeare,
Restoration, Greek, Contemporary, and even original works; Hofstra provided me with
a large variety of training.  In my senior year I won the Acting Award for outstanding
contributions to performance in the 2004-2005 season.
 During the summers of 2006 and 2007 I have been lucky enough to study with Alec
Baldwin and Michael Disher in a Professional Theatre Class. Focusing on both acting
and working in the business, the class has been one of the best experiences I have
ever had.  I came out of the class with a refreshed look at acting. I am very excited to
apply the work we did into all of the roles I have in the future.
 In 2007 I began production on the film
Leave Me Behind.  I wrote, directed, and
starred in the film.  The movie is currently playing in film festivals across the country
and the world.  Making this film has been a dream come true for me.  
Click here for
more information about the film.

 Currently, I am working on a number of different projects.  If you want to know what I
am up to check out the
news section of this site.
Kirk Gostkowski